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Half Day Morning Tour (min. 6 guests) | Guaranteed Departure every Tuesday afternoon

Walk back into the history...

Natural naval harbour of the Byzantines named as Golden Horn because of its hornlike shape

and golden reflection of the glittering waves under sunshine when viewed from the hill tops.


Visit the Patriarchate at Fener which is the seat of Orthodox Christianity since Constantine

The Great’ s declaration of Christianity as the religion of Roman Empire.


Church of Panagia of Blachernae, the best known and most celebrated shrine of the

Holy Virgin famed with the “Hagiasma” (holy water) and the “Hagion Lousma” (sacred bath).


St. Savior in Chora (Kariye Museum), originally a Byzantine monastery with fantastic mosaics and frescoes portraying scenes from the bible, the life and miracles of Jesus.


Anemas Dungeons were part of the Blachernae Palace, unique in the world with its historical

and architectural structure. It consists of 14 separate dungeons, each having 2 basements

below sea-level with cells for the prisoners and two towers. It was used as a prison for high ranked statesmen.


Tekfur Palace (from outside) built in the 12th century adjacent to the city walls. The only surviving pavillion of the Blachernae Palace.


Byzantine City Walls surrounded the acropolis of Byzantium with 22 kms. long fortification

with 96 towers and 9 main gates dating back to the 5th century.





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